Getting Ready for the Glow.

To achieve the best possible tan, make sure to follow these easy tips.

Step 1


Be sure you are showered, shaved and exfoliated at least ~3 hours before your airbrush. Contrary to popular belief, you want to allow your skin to settle, pours to relax and skin PH levels to balance out. It’s not common but showering immediately before an airbrush can sometimes cause an uneven end result.

**Sprayed Montana recommendation: Tan Eraser

**Store bought recommendation: Mix lemon juice with baking soda to create a paste to exfoliate with in the shower.

Step 2

Fresh Clean Skin

Apply a LIGHT layer of water based moisturizer to your skin. Your skin needs to be buoyant and hydrated to allow the airbrush to sink into your skin. If you’re dry and flaky (hello Montana) you immediately lose a few layers of your airbrush.

Natural DHA (the sunless tanning ingredient) works best with fresh, relaxed, buoyant skin. **Store bought recommendations: Cetaphil, Aveeno, CeraVe

Step 3

Loose Dark Clothing

Our solutions are all natural so not to fret, any bronzers that transfer pre shower rinse out with no residue left behind! Loose clothing is a MUST. Be sure you’re prepared with loose clothing so you are not disrupting the development of your fresh airbrush  tan with fitted clothes.




After the Bronze

Caring for your airbrush tan is simple and your body will benefit from these tips in greater ways than just for your spray.

Step 1 - Listen

Each solution line has different development speeds. Be sure you listen to your licensed airbrush technicians on the appropriate number of hours before taking that first shower.

Step 2 - Shower

Shower. Fully rinse your body but only soap necessary areas. When toweling off, pat dry, do not rub! This will immediately exfoliate portions of your brand new airbrush off.

Step 3 - Moisturize

MOISTURIZE. MOISTURIZE. MOISTURIZE. Immediately following your shower (and every shower after), moisturize with water based moisturizers. Keeping your skin hydrated will dramatically improve the life of your airbrush tan.


**Sprayed Montana recommendations: Ultra Violet Tanning Mousse, Tan Drops

**Store bought recommendations: Cetaphil, Aveeno, CeraVe